Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello Kitty Bracelet

Recently a huge shipment of beads arrived at Ben Franklin Crafts (should be in the Bead Shoppes by now). Included in this lot are some bargain priced lampwork strands. For some reason the colors of the beads reminded me of Hello Kitty. Also new to the store are Base Elements empty metal frames. The frames come in lots of sizes and shapes. They are designed to be filled with sealed photos, embellishments, or papers and then covered with Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins). I think the frames could also be filled with polymer clay and baked. Anyway, I thought that a Hello Kitty pebble sticker would work well. It did! I love the charm and it was easy to incorporate it into a bracelet with matching glass beads. (The bracelet instructions are on the craft club website, ) The charms could be used for purse pulls, key chains, necklaces, etc. As long as you seal the item (waterproof) you want to use in the charm, almost anything that fits should work. I sealed a stamp in packing tape before covering with the glaze. Next I think I will try to make some monogram charms using some epoxy letter stickers and glitter. Think of the possibilities!


Cheryl said...

This is so cute Lynn! I wouldn't mind making one for myself. I'll have to check the store for the instructions.

Islander Girl said...

Aloha Lyn! I found your blog via someone else visiting my blog and was pleasantly surprised to see my blog on your blog list! Yeay! I just browsed your blog and I have to say you've got some cool creations!!! I've added you to my faves and will be visiting often!!!

Hope you're having a great day!

BTW, I went to Ben Franklin today and got myself a whole butt load of sale items! Woohoo! (^o^)

Thanks for the inspirations!!!