Friday, June 5, 2009

Hello Kitty Beach Birthday Card

I was so excited to use the new Hello Kitty Sizzix die cutter (the one with her lying on a beach mat) that I cut and pieced together multiple images. I didn't like the paper that I chose for the bikini on one of the images so I just colored over it with sparkle pens. Since it was an image I wasn't going to use for my projects (because it didn't match) and I needed a birthday card for my niece, it became the focal point of the card. A little punched out (MS punch) cupcake was added to the card to convey the birthday wishes. I think the background paper with the palm trees (NRN paper) helped to place Hello Kitty in a setting and the paper umbrella (from the BFC graduation section) not only added dimension but sort of symbolizes a summer of party fun. Inside the card I placed a rub-on with the words, 'It's Your Day' so that the birthday girl would relax and enjoy her birthday. In this rush-rush society sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and inhale the goodness on our birthday and everyday of the year. Breathe and blog, breathe and blog, breathe and blog............!

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