Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Heart Necklace

This was my Valentine's Day gift to myself. I made it using components from the Ben Franklin Crafts bead department. (For a detailed look at the necklace, click on the photo.) The center focal heart is from the Symbolize line. The glass hearts are ones I purchased at the store whenever I saw a pretty one. The chain is also from the Symbolize collection and the pink and purple cords are silk. The brass heart charms were purchased years ago from BFC but I'm sure you can still find them as they are very popular now. You might even scavange for them in thrift stores. I made the necklace a little too short to slip over my head easily (maybe I have a big head LOL) so I will fix it by adding a clasp in the back. The charms were attached with jump rings and the glass hearts were fastened to the small brass chain with head pins. It's fun to make a free spirited necklace like this because other than the heart theme, anything can be added and will probably work. No need to save a necklace like this only for Valentine's Day......spread your love every day!

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