Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boosting your Craft Fair Sales

Most crafters eventually begin to sell their crafts to help pay for their expenses. Jewelry sells well at craft fairs especially around Mother's Day. Profits are probably greatest for earrings because of the low cost of supplies and minimal crafting time. However, I do believe that more sales could be generated by displaying the earrings attractively. For example, carding the earrings and including a box would make your product have more appeal especially to those shopping for gifts. Shown in the upper photo are some simple earrings (titled: Tears of Happiness) which are made of sterling silver with amethyst and chalcedony gemstones. I included this information plus my signature in the back of the embossed card. The card was just a scrap from my paper bin but it looks more artistic because I offset the earrings. The box is a recycled department store cardboard jewelry box which I covered with leftover scrapbook paper and woven ribbon. To cover the store name on the bottom of the box (see lower photo), I used a rubber stamped label that I had lying around my desk. Of course you could be more fancy and have personal labels made and attach it to the bottom of the box for more name recognition. Anyway, the point is that you can recycle materials to make attractive displays and also increase your sales by giving your product a handcrafted appeal. Now all the customer has to do is add a pretty ribbon and voila the gift is ready for giving. Oh, you might want to have on hand in your craft booth some simple handmade gift cards to sell or give away with purchases. Everyone loves a freebie! So start crafting for Christmas already....LOL!

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Shirley N said...

Gorgeous earrings Lynn!