Thursday, May 12, 2011

Explosion Card #2 with a Bookmark

Here is the second explosion birthday card I made using the instructions from the June issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts magazine. This one is made from Bo Bunny printed cardstock and has a special bookmark gift wrapped around the card. The ribbon used for the bookmark is a velveteen one from Martha Stewart. It is topped with plain white flowers (found at Ben Franklin Crafts) that I sprayed with a wash of sparkle color because I couldn't find flowers of the right shade of salmon and green. On this card I placed the message in the recess and formated the card vertically. To keep the ribbon from unwinding but still easily removed, I wound a piece of green wire (a twisty tie might work) around the ribbon horizontally under the flower after placing the ribbon around the card. The hang tag attached to the wire has the information of how to dismantle the card to use the ribbon as a bookmark. Sometimes it is nice when you don't normally exchange birthday gifts just to let someone know that you thought of them on their birthday and a little included gift gives the card an extra special touch. I like to think that the recipient of this card will think of our friendship when she uses the bookmark. Of course it would be good to send this card with a book because reading is a good way to expand anyone's horizon. Okay that's it for today. Thanks for visiting and reading this post. Please come again and leave a comment if you have the time. I appreciate hearing from you.

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