Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lunchbox Love Notes

Oh, how I wish I could turn back the clock and make love notes for my children's lunchboxes, but truthfully I rarely made home lunches for them.  They weren't picky eaters and seemed satisfied with school lunches.  On a few occasions when I did put a 'secret' note in a field trip lunch or backpack for encouragement they seemed thrilled with the unexpected message. It is with nostalgia and to spur on those mothers with young ones still at home, that I show you this project.
It all started with the 12x12 Doodlebug printed card stock that I discovered at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  The little squares just seemed to be begging to be made into mini cards and then I thought it would be cute to put them into a paper lunch bag or box.  Since I had a lunch box die which still hadn't had a maiden voyage through my Big Shot machine, I thought I'd give it a try.  There were lots of pieces so I kept it simple and only used a few of them and a silver Sharpie to add details. The box was made with a Sizzix pizza box die I have for my Big Pro machine.  However, the form is so simple I'm sure that a pattern is on some craft website or you can figure out how to make one.  By adding a window to the box top, I think the project turns into a splendid gift for a busy mom or wife.  (Adults would like the cute notes, too!)
If you are the busy wife or mother, you might like making these cards for yourself so you can have them ready to slip into a briefcase or lunchbox.  Don't forget to write a sweet message or words of wisdom....these are love notes right?  I had to laugh when I saw the images on the card stock because I think you might have to explain the typewriter, telephone, and phonograph record to the younger generation....LOL!


Annette Allen said...

yay for cute lunchbox love notes.. such a fun idea.. I should do this for my hubby.. :)

Unknown said...

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