Friday, March 11, 2016

Belated Cat Birthday Card

 Usually, I am very good about getting birthday cards and gifts to the recipient in a timely fashion, but sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances.  I was going to give the birthday girl something that she admired in My Locker Box (Hilo) but when I returned to get had sold!  Oh well, I could make another one except that the pendant was a one-of-a-kind. Finally, I located another similarly carved pendant, but then I couldn't find the cording.  Where did I put the roll?  Despite all these set backs, I am confident that I will finish the gift before the end of 2016.  LOL!
Anyway, here is the belated birthday card that I whipped up from a blank card in a 'Justwrite' set by American Crafts.  This is an old product (from my stash) that contains rather plain designs which makes them fun to jazz up with images like the Art Impressions 'shake your booty' cat. (This stamp set comes with one sticker spring to attach to your card to make the cat's behind wiggle.)
The gold 'happy birthday' letters were Pebbles rub-ons and the cat's party hat was rubbed on before cutting the feline out.  Some of the sequins came from the Doodlebug Designs set of 12 colors and I like the way they add just a little bling.  Also the sequins and gold mist spray help to cover a few boo-boos...LOL!  This card came together very quickly because of the pre-made card and rub-on elements which is a good thing or I would be even later mailing out the gift.  That's it for lots of other projects that need to be completed.  Thanks for stopping by!


Unknown said...

Haha, such a fun card and love cover ups using sequins!

Shirley N said...

OMGosh that is just way too cute. You've inspired me to buy this stamp and make a card to keep on hand--just in case, lol.

zerry ht said...

Such a pretty card! It’s a wonderful gift. My brother love parties and just celebrated his 18th birthday at a local event space NYC. The party was completely rocking and everyone had so much fun. He arranged everything of his own.