Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tagging the Scraps

 At the end of a season or holiday, I always have a pile of paper scraps on my craft table.  Sometimes I just separate the solids from the prints, ziploc bag them, and put them into my scrap bins.  Sometimes when I just haven't had enough time to 'play' with my seasonal craft 'toys', I try to use up as much as I can by making tags.
 Here are some the results of my 'playtime'.  Since it is after Easter, these will go into my ziploc bag of springtime tags and hung up (on hooks).
When next Easter rolls around (and it does come fast), I will have bunny hop start on the season. I enjoy knowing that I have a stash of tags ready to attach to a bag of goodies.  Life is ready!

1 comment:

Annette Allen said...

aww how totally cute are these tags.. i love them..