Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Scrap Strip Thank You Card

 At a previous CHA craft show, I learned how to make this card using strips of paper scraps. It is a super fast card that uses all those paper scrap strips that end up next to your paper trimmer. (You know you have bags of them that you can't bare to discard...LOL!)  Originally, the card had a butterfly instead of a raccoon, but since this is being sent in autumn, the raccoon seemed more seasonal. I like the rounded corners and twine accent. For added interest, I applied printed washi tape strips to the envelope. HM Ben Franklin Crafts has a ton of wonderful washi tapes to choose from so go check them out. Since this card is so easy, I think I'll make lots more for my after Xmas thank yous.  (Yes, I have enough scraps!!!) Short post much holiday clean up to do!

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