Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Japan Hobby Show Dried Flower Resin Crafts

 Recently, I attended the Japan Hobby Show and was drawn to a booth with a giant inventory of dried flowers. The flowers were being made into beautiful projects. The above ruler and plastic tray are two examples that I purchased to show you what can be made with resin and some creativity.
 Here's a keychain I made using the new LED resin I was given as a free sample.  I should have put less flowers in the oval and bought more  blank keychains....duh?  I did buy a lot of dried flowers and greenery though. ;)  The new LED light and resin should be available soon in our BFC stores....I hope.  I think you could activate the resin with your own LED light but this one has a timed light.  The new LED resin hardens very quickly.  I look forward to new resins products being developed in the future....more creative fun! 


Peter Gale teacher said...

These are really lovely. Great as gifts!

yyam said...

Ooooh...I really want to try this! Looks really pretty!