Monday, March 16, 2020! Floral Resin on Wooden Products

 After finding these Daiso undecorated wooden items, I knew that I could 'pretty up' these $1.50 items easily with dried flowers and LED resin.  I purchased my dried flowers from the Japan Hobby Show, but with a little time you could easily press your own plants between tissue and some books.  The LED resin I used to adhere and protect the flowers is a no-mix, quick setting (about 1 min. under an LED lamp which can be purchased at HM BFC along with the resin) product.  This resin process makes decorating a cinch.
 This jar with a wooden cover is my favorite floral decorated resin project so far.  I plan to use this pretty container as a loose leaf tea caddy
 Here are two bamboo trays that I think will make excellent soap dishes or trinket trays.  I contacted the manufacturer of the LED resin and was told that the resin surface is not intended for food usage so be sure to tell the recipients or buyers. The tray on the right was totally covered with resin (about three coats applied with my finger LOL!) It turned out a bit too shiny so on the second tray I only coated the floral parts and left the rest of the bamboo surface natural.  I think this was a better idea.
I love the way these tea scoops turned out.  They were quick and easy to do and make nice add-ons to a gift of a tea caddy/tea. They would also look super as place cards/or favors at a party and you could even use a wood burner to personalize them. How '' are these resin projects? Send me a question or to hear from you!

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yyam said...

How pretty are these! The jar is my fave too!