Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blue Moon Orient Express

Have you seen the new Blue Moon line of jewelry components? I bought these from the Hilo Ben Franklin Crafts, but I know that our Mapunapuna store has them too. It is a fabulous assortment of Asian looking charms, chains, focal pieces, and more. I've been too busy to create something from this line but I will ...soon. As most of you jewelry makers know, the Blue Moon line is very reasonable. The local ladies will really love these pieces because they coordinate well with the Asian fashions so popular in the islands. When you check out this new jewelry line at the Mapunapuna Ben Franklin Crafts, be sure to check out the new layout of the store and the fancy hardwood floor in the bead department.


Joy said...

Yup, love this line too. I guess I just love any kind of trinket or charm. I think I collect more than I use!LOL!

Orient Express Trips said...

All are really nice and they are much more attractive. I have little bit collection of it but they are not so nice as yours.