Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Butterfly Punch and Card

Some of my friends who are new to papercrafting remarked that many of the projects in blogland are too difficult for a newbie or require too many supplies. This thank you card project is for them. I wanted to show them that with just a few supplies, you can create a card quickly and be proud of your efforts. I started with a plain folded blank card and used white ink (the pigment type that dries slower) to stamp the leafy foliage. Next I sprinkled white embossing powder over the wet ink. Using a heat gun, I melted the powder to form a more finished look. (You could just stamp with the ink and not emboss.) Also for a bit of sparkle I sprayed a little Shimmer over the card but this is also optional. Next I used the new Martha Stewart magnet butterfly punch that allowed me to punch out any place on my card. Finally, I made a mask from a small piece of scrap paper (punch out a butterfly on it) and alligned it under the buttlerfly punched in the card. Holding the mask in place on the inside of the card, I stamped the words 'thank you' multiple times in blue ink so that the buttlerfly image appears inside and outside of the card. Making cards like this one is the perfect beginning for those of you who are just learning to enjoy papercrafting. The new products like the MS magnetic punches keeps crafting exciting for even the pros. If you haven't started writing your thank you notes yet (like me) a card like this one can be produced by the dozens and yet each one will be slightly different because they are handmade with love. Send some love today!


Jazzie Casas said...

Lovin this! A while back I was looking for a birthday card for a friend. I had zero luck finding what I was looking for. I told a group of friends about this problem one night while we were having a few drinks. We proceeded to get smashed and make up a bunch of greeting cards we found funny. I had been writing down the cards we made up and the next morning I read them. Much to my surprise the cards were still funny even when sober.

Cheryl said...

Lynn, your butterfly card is soooo pretty! I bought a bunch of those new punches too. They are great that you can punch anywhere on your paper. Thanks for the award! I feel honored to have received it from you. I haven't posted it on my blog yet. Have a great evening!

Shirley N said...

I love the look of the white embossing, so beautiful. Didn't know about those punch anywhere MS punches, must check them out, TFS!