Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pushpin Note Pad Holder

I spotted the sets of Darice push pins (thumbtacks) at Ben Franklin Crafts (see bottom photo) and I knew they were going in home with me. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but they were so cute and colorful I knew I would think of something. This is what came out of my never-turned-off craft mind. I've made Post-It pad holders before using an acrylic picture frame turned upside down and know that they make quick office, teacher,or hostess gifts. I thought that the square of foam that comes with the push pins would fit well on a 4x6 frame along with the note pad and pen; they did but that left very little of the decorative paper visible. By using the Tim Holtz On the Edge paper die, I was able to add a little interest and height to the background paper. The added height of the paper didn't allow it to slip into the picture frame, but it does leave room for embellishing which makes the notepapd holder more attractive. A little adhesive backed Velcro piece (cut from a long roll) added to the pen and just above the foam square is a neat way to keep the pen handy. Oh, the background paper came from a K and Co. paper pad and was chosen because of the design and the fact that it was double sided paper so the back of the note pad holder would be attractive too. Finally, the tie-dyed flowers were chosen because they match the 'Age of Aquarius' paisley print paper. The possibilities of notepad holders you can make using these Darice pushpins and your imagination are endless, and because of the low price of the materials they would make terrific craft fair items. Hope you like this idea. Happy Crafting!


Brenda said...

great idea! love the push pins too! they are adorable!

Cheryl said...

What a pretty pushpin notepad holder! I was staring at the shape and then it dawned on me that you used the TH edge die which is why it was in your photo. Lol! Great idea Lynn!