Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine Pearl and Garnet Jewelry

It's been awhile since I posted a jewelry project, so I thought I would make something for Valentine's Day. Because January's birthstone is garnet and it is red; it seemed like an appropriate stone to use for both January and February. I searched through my stash of red gemstones and found a strand of small faceted teardrop/heart-shaped garnets. For the earrings and pendant you only need four garnets so it might be more economical to buy just four individual stones. Actually, the inspiration for this project was a strand of biwa stick pearls with holes drilled in the middle, which I purchased at Ben Franklin Crafts. The strand had about 30 pearls in graduated sizes with a gorgeous pinkish luster and was selling for under twenty dollars (less than $1 per pearl). The bead department often has single pearls so you may not have to buy a whole strand or perhaps the store would be willing to sell you half a strand. I personally wanted the whole strand because the pearls were so beautiful that I knew I wanted extras for future projects. Anyway, I used three long decorative sterling head pins to string on the pearls and garnets. (Make sure that the gemstone holes are large enough to accomodate the pins.) Wire wrap the ends of the pins to form a neat loop large enough to hang them from a bail and earring hoops. This is such an easy project that I'm sure even a beginning jewelry crafter will have success. If not for yourself, I know that any mother or girlfriend will be thrilled to receive a jewelry set of pearls and garnets for Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to all my blogland readers! Thanks for stopping by.


ShaniKulani said...

beautiful jewelry and such a perfect gift for a bday/valentine girl :)

Cheryl said...

Beautiful jewelry! Love it! Great seeing you and your hubby last week!

Anniversary gift ideas said...

Very nice colorful and wearable.The combination of pearl with anything makes it very elegant and usable specially through spring and summer.