Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pen Holder Bag Vase

Did the title of this post make you say, "Huh?". Well it all began at the bank where I was sitting at a desk signing some forms. On the desk was a jar vase that held some pebbles and pens. The trouble was that the pebbles were too big and so the pens didn't really stand up properly. My crafter brain silently said, "She should use some acrylic dewdrops to fill the jar instead of pebbles". I left the bank and went on to shopping at my favorite store, Ben Franklin Crafts. The acrylic dewdrops were still on my mind because I knew that some new smaller ones had come in and I hadn't purchased every single color. (If you are a real crafter you are obsessed with having every color, size, and style .....yes, you know what I mean.) Anyway I bought the ones I needed and took them home with a bunch of other fun craft items. As soon as I arrived home I opened one of the clear bags and noticed that they were amazingly sturdy and the right size to use for party favors. The only thing that detracted from their appearance was the Sierra Pacific label which was adhered very well and left a gummy residue when I tried to remove it. I decided that covering the labels with ribbon was an easy solution. Next I stuck in some pens (I had some pink Sharpies) added a snippet of an artificial cherry blossom branch (from Ben Franklin Crafts) and ta-da.... a quick, inexpensive, and practical party favor/table decoration. The color combinations with the dewdrops and ribbon are endless and even the flowers and pens could be varied to suit your needs. (You could even decorate Sierra Pacific plain pens that BFC carrries to match your color theme.)
Anyway, I hope this post has given a glimpse into the reason sometimes I have a blank expression and seem to be lost in thought everywhere, especially at Ben Franklin Crafts. Hopefully, exercising the creative parts of my brain will keep me young! Thanks for reading through this very long, rambling chatterblog post.

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Cheryl said...

Another great idea Lynn! I should make one of those for my husband since we're always looking for pens. Hope you're having a wonderful day!