Monday, April 18, 2011

Finger Pupper Treat Box

What the **** is this weird box? Ha-ha-ha (Of course I meant 'heck' but you can fill in the * ***with any letters you want.) I just posted this photo to show you the base of the treat box. It is just a regular gift box about 6"x 6"x 4"(high) that was sprayed brown. Probably a less shiny box or matte spray would make it look more like soil. I marked six 1-1/2" circles on the cover and cut slits radiating from the center. I also cut a small finger sized hole for the rabbit finger pupper (Darice Fuzzies). (The holes were cut before spraying.) The second and third photos show the finished project. You can see why the holes had to be cut oddly to hold the carrot shaped treat bags (Wilton) for filling. The green twisty ties came with the bags. You could probably design a box with just a couple of carrot bags if you didn't want to give a sugar overload. Instead of spraying the box you might prefer to paint the surface with an acrylic paint or glue on brown paper. To dress up the project you might want to attach a Happy Easter label, some punched grass borders, or a paper garden fence. Okay, gotta go and buy some candy to fill the bags and mail off the treat box. Hope you'll visit this site again soon!


Cami said...

Hi Lynn! Isn't this the cutest idea?!!! Love how the grass is sticking out and how the kids can play with a mini puppet show! Genius! I have so much to catch up on, on your blog so I'm working my way backwards!

Shirley N said...

You are always so inspiring Lynn, this is a cute idea! Love those carrot bags and the cute bunny!