Monday, April 25, 2011

Glass Paperweight

As promised, here is are photos of the paperweight that I made at the Market City make-n-take taught by Chris during the relief collection for Japan. Thank you to all who supported the event. The original paperweight for the make-it-take-it project had cherry blossom stickers or fish ones (for the boys) but I wanted to add a name before sealing the bottom. However, I couldn't find the right letters and I have bad handwriting so I ended up just stamping a saying with black Memento ink. Sadly, you can see there is a stray black mark which turned up after the Judikin's Diamond Glaze dimensional sealant dried. I didn't notice that there was an ink mark in the back of the pink paper and the sealant made it soak through and show on the other side. Oh well, I'll check better next time. This project would make a great Mother's Day gift with stickers and perhaps a photo. Dads, this is so easy I'm sure you can help your children make this. The blank glass paperweight, stickers and dimensional sealant (Sakura's Crystal Lacquer is another brand) are all available at Ben Franklin Crafts. All you need to do is place a few stickers, dried flowers, photo, etc. on a plain paper circle slightly larger than the base of the paperweight. When you are satisfied with the arrangement adhere it all down with the sealant and apply a thick coat before topping it with the glass dome. Press to get most of the air bubbles out (some are okay and will give the paperweight a vintage look). Once the sealant is dry, cut off the excess paper and cover the bottom of the paper weight with a felt circle if desired. I hope you'll give this project a try. It's really easy to do and can turn something ordinary into something very personal. Isn't that why we craft?


kris said...

i still need to try this... i'm wondering if it will work with the flat marbles?! TFS another great idea... good party favors!

Cheryl said...

I saw the ad in the paper. I'll have to stop by the store before the end of the week. I was at PC on Sunday and didn't see this item but then again I wasn't looking for it. Lol! Great idea though and will have to make one.

Ann said...

salam Lynn,

i dh lama nk singgah blog u. your designs semakin cantik..keep it up.