Saturday, November 26, 2011

Price Scavenger Hunt

Do you like to play games? Would you like to win a $35 gift card to Ben Franklin Crafts? If you said 'yes' to both of these questions, read on. Shown below are seven products sold at Ben Franklin Crafts. All you need to do is find the price of each product (listed on the bin tag or stickered on the product) and add all seven prices to arrive at a total. Send this total to this blog site via a comment and if you are the FIRST to send in the correct total, you will be the winner of the $35 gift card! (Only one guess please; your first guess will be the one that gets entered.) From left to right the seven products are:

1) Ornament Bubble Kit by Nicole
This is a cute kit that has all the parts for a child to make a photo ornament.

2) 6-1/4" Plastic Insulated Cup with a Straw by Nicole
There are many colorful design choices of these cups available at BFC. They are perfect for

3) 6"x6-1/2" sheet of stickers by Darice
Lots of beautiful metallic detailed stickers to choose from at BFC. Their low price makes
them ideal for cards and tags.

4) 10" x 11" Hot and Cold reusable bag by Tropical Paper Garden
These beautiful printed insulated cloth-like bags make great quick wraps for Christmas

5) Stamp Collection 'thank you' by American Crafts
This three clear stamp set has a very vintage look that match well with the other retro
American Crafts products and will be useful for those after-Christmas notes of appreciation.

6) 10 piece 8mm x 12" tinsel twist package by Darice
Besides these gold and silver tinsel twists, BFC has other holiday colors for you to use in
your crafts. Kids will love playing with these!

7) 20 piece package of 3/4" bells by Nicole
What's Christmas without jingle bells? These traditional holiday items are available in
a variety of sizes and in single-color or multi-colored packages.

Okay, you know the products so hurry down to your nearest Ben Franklin Crafts and figure out the total for all SEVEN products. (The item prices are the regular item prices without discounts or special sales.) Send me a comment to this post telling me this TOTAL. Hope you are the fastest and I can send the prize to you. If you win you will have to send me a mailing address via e-mail. Good Luck to All!


Creations by Shirl said...

oooh Lynn - this looks like a fun game to play.......

Jenny V. said...

So weird I happen to go to Ben Franklin to return something I bought and happened to check the blog for some ideas to make so that I don't forget to buy something I need, came across your blog since I like some of the items you bought in your previous post. Some add up the total and I got $23.93 that's without tax. I decided to buy some of the item in this post to since it was good deals on it. That was fun search for things.

vicky said...

it is a great fun for child.

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FeLiLa said...

Hey I got $23.43! Hopefully it's correct & there is still time :)

Shelly said...

Went early this morning in search to get some Christmas decoration for the tree and buy my sister her gift. So I also did your scavenger hunt.
1. $1.99
2. $5.99
3. $1.49
4. $5.49
5. $4.49
6. $1.49
7. $2.49
The total is $23.43

eLi said...

Wow, I got $22.93.