Sunday, November 1, 2015

Autumn Photo Box Wall Decoration

I am a saver (hoarder) and can't bear to throw away good boxes.  I somehow (*wink*) managed to build up a pile of Big Island cookie boxes.  What shall I do with them?  Seeing some old Thanksgiving photos gave me a 'light bulb' moment. (Keeping photos in computer files is a waste of memories because who looks through old files?)  I decided to change the cookie boxes into photo keepers.
First I covered the lid and the bottom of the box with burlap fabric (Paper Accent 12x12 sheet), leaving the side uncovered so that the lid would still fit.
Next, using a brush, I applied UV resin (available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts) to a few sprigs of dried flowers (also from BFC).  To cure the resin I placed the flowers on a piece of parchment paper before setting it under a UV light for about 10 minutes.  I brushed on two coats of resin  to the front of the flowers and one coat to the back, leaving it under the UV light between each coat.  The resin makes the flowers less brittle but still pliable.
After attaching the sprigs to the box with Beacon 3 in 1 glue, I tied on a ribbon and added the copper foil die cut, 'grateful,' that I cut from DCWV paper (foil paper pack) using a Dienamics die from the set shown below.
Because the ribbon is removable, the box can be filled with photos printed out from your computer. Then by hanging the box on an accessible wall, you can peruse the photos whenever your heart desires.  On the top two photos you can see that I have a squirrel clip (from Celebrations?) attached to the ribbon.  I put it there so I could clip on the photo I wanted to highlight for awhile.  You could put a decorated clothespin, push pin or even a corsage pin on your photo box. Leaving the box simple is also a good option.  I hope this post has inspired you to make your own photo box wall decoration. Okay, I am going to search my files for more 'too cute for words'photos to add to my box.  Think I'll make a Halloween photo box next. O-o-o-o spooky fun!


Unknown said...

What a great idea Lynn as those Big Island cookie boxes are super good quality! Love your upcycling and that sweet squirrel clip is adorable. Love the metallic die cut sentiment as well.

yyam said...

Ahhhh...glad you got some use out of those boxes! Looks fabulous!:)

Annette Allen said...

very creative and pretty.. way to upcycle.

Cami said...

Lynn, this is beautiful! What a great idea and even better, the items you used and how you put it together. Didn't know you could use resin on dried flowers! Awesome!