Sunday, November 29, 2015

Testing out Chameleon Pens

I was so excited to try out my new set of Chameleon pens that I skipped breakfast to play with them. Hahaha! (I woke up later than usual.)  For once I read the instructions and discovered that using the pens was not that complicated....just like Joy demonstrated on the 'Joy of Crafting'. I totally loved the idea that I had way more than the 20 colors in the set....the unique solution in every pen allows you to create many more shades of the basic colors.  After testing the colors a bit, I decided to try making a tag.  With the help of the Sizzix set shown in the photo below, I was able to put together a simple tag and practice more with the Chameleon pens. I am still not comfortable with the timing of getting the shades of each pen but I'm confident I will get better.  There are different set sizes of Chameleon pens available at Ben Franklin Crafts, but I think your favorite crafter (yes, you can get it for yourself) would be thrilled to find this really big set (that comes with a black outliner, a blender pen and free replacement tips) under her holiday tree. Ho-ho-ho!...Christmas is on its way!


yyam said... exciting! Have fun!

Annette Allen said...

yay for Chameleon.. I know they take some practice but once you get the hang of them they are so fun. Happy Crafting.