Thursday, November 19, 2015

Easy Druzy Quartz Pendant

When I saw the strands of druzy quartz at HM Ben Franklin Crafts, I knew that the sparkly drilled stones would make eye-catching, one-of-a-kind jewelry.  With a simple wire wrapping technique, I was able to string 22 gauge sterling wire through the stones and attach them to 17 inch pieces of sterling chains and then add a clasps to complete the necklaces.

 The photos do not really show how stunning these simple pieces are and what perfect Christmas gifts they will make for many of your friends. The total cost of the piece is affordable and the time involved in construction is minimal so you could easily please all the women on your gift list.

This druzy pendant has a fancy beaded chain which I feel really compliments the stone.  To me it is worth the extra cost of the chain as it will make the gift more spectacular.  I wish the photos were of a better quality so that you could see the beauty of the druzy quartz...I tried really hard but could not capture the sparkle, so you will just have to visit the Ben Franklin Crafts bead department...wink*wink* to see them.

There are two sizes of druzy stones sold at BFC.  The larger strand is more expensive but there are more stones on the smaller strand which could be used for earrings or in combination with other stones.
You don't need to spend a lot on tools to do basic jewelry work.  This mini set is from HM Ben Franklin Crafts and really includes everything I use for most of my jewelry projects.  That's all for now....going to make more gifts....Christmas is coming soon!


eva said...

druzys are so pretty! love to look at them! they make pretty necklaces.

yyam said...

Oh wow. These make fabulous gifts! I do love the beaded chain. So tempted to make some jewelry now!:)

Annette Allen said...

wow these are beautiful.. so creative

Shirley N said...

You are a gal of many talents Lynn! Beautiful pendants!

Unknown said...

Very pretty! Love the look of the added beads on the chain. Talk about an extravagant gift for that special someone!