Thursday, June 15, 2017

Making My First Planner

 You might be surprised to learn that I've never made a planner (except a simple calendar with blank squares) despite their popularity at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I've just always been a disorganized free spirit who has the luxury (compliments of my husband) to do what I want when I want.  However, as I get older, I seem to be forgetting to do more things or not getting started on others.  Hopefully, this portable no-rules planner will keep my agenda more visible, I'll get more done and I'll get to buy more cute stickers.( I love stickers and have a collection that dates back to the 80's...I said it was for my son...heeheee!)  

I started by adhering some yummy, cute dessert stickers to the marble print cover and then I broke open the packages of Me and My Big Ideas stickers and Deco Pen.  It was easy and fun to pick just the right stickers....and I still have tons more.  The Deco Pen was similar to the type that I purchased in Japan. It has changeable cartridges but is more designed for a right handed person.  As a lefty I had to think backwards to get the words to appear right-side up. This planner seems perfect for me because the dates are not written in so I can change out the pages if I change my mind and I can even skip a whole month if I don't plan to do anything...LOL!  Hopefully, I'll get more creative and snazzy up my planner as I go along.....let's hope I keep it up at least to the end of the year!

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eunice said...

Very nice! I'm thinking of getting into to this many cool products on the market for decorating planners makes it so tempting! Been avoiding the urge to jump in because I'm afraid I might spend more time decorating it than using it for it's original intent! How about you...?