Sunday, June 11, 2017

Resin Candy and Flower Rings

 While in Japan, I purchased a resin ring mold set.  It was simple to fill the molds with UV resin and real candy balls (from BFC baking department) and heat setting the rings with a UV light. After removing from the molds, rough edges were filed with a glass nail file and then the undersides of the rings were touched up with a bit of resin before curing them under the UV light again.
 I also experimented with tiny dried flowers and found that they can easily be set in resin too.  These resin rings can be worn on your fingers or turned into pendants with hanging charms. (I'll show a sample of this when I complete one.) The resin and UV lamp are available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts but the mold may not be. You can find Padico resin soft molds online as well as many other interesting Padico craft supplies.


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

That is so neat and colorful. It would be great to add goodie bags.

yyam said...

These look fun!