Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lip Balm Madness!

 I was extremely excited to see the lip balm, bath bomb, and soap making supplies at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  I used to make soaps years ago when the stores carried the ingredients but making lip balm is something new for me.  Before adding the lip balm to the containers, I decorated them with washi tape or dried flowers.  With my finger I rubbed on liquid LED resin over the washi tape or flowers and set it with a LED light. Then, it was actually super easy to melt the lip balm mixture in the microwave (just a small amount in a paper cup) for about a minute. Next, you just need to add a tiny amount of colorant and few drops of scent. Stir and pour the fragrant liquid into the tube or small round container. My favorite flavors of lip balm are yummy strawberry and  refreshing mint.
 This lip balm container has mint scented lip balm so I opted not to add a colorant.  I found it very satisfying to make lip balm for myself and to give away as gifts.  They will be great alternatives for candy in my Halloween treat bags.  Please visit again to see some of the cool treat bags I will be passing out this year. Leave a sweet comment to this post if you want to make me smile. ;)

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Unknown said...

Very cute! Thank you for sharing!