Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Washi Paper Heart-shaped Resin Pendants with Pearls

On a previous post, I said I would try to make resin pendants using washi paper.  I think these were successful experiments.  I used the new LED resin and LED light. I was very pleased with the way the resin released from the mold and the smooth glassy feeling of the finished pieces. 
I placed a layer of colored resin in first and hardened it before adding the layer of clear with the washi paper that was cut to fit the heart mold.  It is hard to know how the resin will affect the washi paper color.  The upper left portion of the washi paper heart was pink but as you can see when it was encased in the resin it became a light grey (which actually looks better than the original color).
This green resin heart pendant was enhanced with three pearls which are only half way in the resin.  A whole strand of colorful drilled baroque pearls was purchased from HM Ben Franklin Crafts for under $10....a real bargain!  (The drilled holes are not visible in the finished piece.) I love the way the gold ink on the washi paper shimmers from within the resin pieces.The gold filled bails (from BFC) were affixed with resin and hardened under the LED light.  (Tip: I used Fun-Tak to hold the bail in place while hardening the resin.) Of the resins I've tried, I like this one the best because it hardens very quickly to a super clear, smooth finish.  Please continue to visit my blog site to see my latest creations and experiments. I would appreciate feedback too if you have time to leave a comment. Mahalo!


Annette Allen said...

wow so pretty.. i love these.. great job

yyam said...

Gosh....they turned out soooooo pretty!