Friday, July 5, 2019

Daiso Items For Crafters

 Have you shopped at Daiso....where practically everything is priced at $1.50?  I never fail to find a multitude of amazing items for crafting.  I plan to use the wooden boxes to house a bag of coffee and a mug plus maybe some cookies for a unique Xmas gift.  The pastel plastic trays will make a good holder for a gift of make-up. BTW the make-up sold at Daiso is really quite good comparable to some high priced department store brands.
 All lovers of washi tape will go nuts for the $1.50 rolls...even the wide ones!  Besides the cool designs there are canvas washi tape holders with clear windows. Washi collectors will also like the plastic  washi tape dispensers.
 I'm very fond of Japanese paper covered tablets especially the ones with string binding. These can be dressed up with stamped designs or other Japanese print papers.  In this photo is a cool textured white picture frame which can easily be gilded with gold paste and then fancied up with flowers and ribbons.  The colored twine will possibly be used for braided bag handles.
I love the floral plastic trays and have already used them to be the base for gift baskets.  The round faux laquer trays are also going to hold some Xmas goodies.  I was excited to discover the real bamboo trays at Daiso because I knew they would be perfect under homemade soap...avocado?

As I was leaving Daiso, I spotted some lovely textured bags with corded handles.  I can already envision these decorated with Japanese paper and some Asian stamped designs.  Please return to this site where I will post the finished crafts.  Lots of Xmas crafts to complete...get started!

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Annette Allen said...

look at all those goodies.. we have some of those stores here in SoCal. I need to go in and check it out.