Monday, July 29, 2019

Resin Floral Key Chains

 I wanted to make something simple for three ladies I am going to see for a rare lunch date.  While at the Japan Hobby Show I came across a booth that sold dried flowers and clear plastic key chains, coasters, bookmarks, etc.  I decided that the key chains would make a perfect something-something friendship gift.  Once the dried flowers were sealed in the plastic case, I decided to paint on a layer of LED resin to the opening.  I feel that setting the resin with the LED light would add protection to the flowers from humidity.  To complete the gift, I put each key chain into a windowed Daiso bag (10 for $1.50) and sealed it with a thank you sticker (which comes with the bags).  See what you can do with a little effort, time and very little money. Make a gift today and make someone smile!

1 comment:

Annette Allen said...

these key chains are so pretty.. yay for pretty floral projects. You did good.