Sunday, August 18, 2019

Da....I....So Clever Citrus Gift

 Did you catch my Daiso pun in this blog post title?  Yes, this is another post featuring some super Daiso $1.50 items. The citrus sock and coin purse were my recent finds from our Piikoi Daiso store. I thought they would be a cute combo with the resin charm kit that I purchased awhile ago from HM Ben Franklin Crafts.
Here is a close up of the charm. I used a little too much green colorant on the top but I think this makes the yellow lemon slices show up more.  I wish this photo showed the side view of the charm because it has pretty cake layers.  I used LED resin with the LED light (takes only a minute to harden the resin) so this charm was a quick project. The kit has all the parts including the ball chain!
 With the sock rolled up and inserted into the coin purse, you can see that this combo of citrus items would make a sweet, unique little gift for a friend.  Below is a photo of the items purchased from Daiso and HM BFC.  Go and check out our Daiso stores to see what goodies you can find to turn into a Da...I...So Clever project.


yyam said... clever! LOVE the project and the pun!

Unknown said...

Love It! I love lemons, too!
You know I always get scolding from Uncle Milt because I kept pronouncing it Dai zo! LOL!
I still haven't made it in the door to the Piikoi location! But I'll have to go soon, my mom is running out of Toyko Ramen, she likes the small portions.

Joy Shimabukuro said...

Oh, if you didn't guess, that's me above JOY!