Saturday, October 5, 2019

Candy Corn Resin Jewelry

Yes, candy corn is one of my favorite Halloween candies and I just learned that it is my son's favorite too....must be the bright colors and soft but not sticky texture.  Anyway, I figured out how to turn these iconic Halloween treats into jewelry with the use of the new LED resin available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts. It was so simple to insert a 3" piece of gold wire into the top of the candy and apply a drop of resin to the joint. After the resin is set (only takes a minute and there's no mixing), I applied the resin to the surface of the candy and set it.  I did it again to insure complete coverage. I've discovered that my finger is the best tool for this procedure.  Once the second layer of resin is set, jewelry pliers were used to form the wire wrapped loop.  A final drop of resin was applied to the tip of the candy and set to strengthen the wire wrapped joint.  For the bracelet, wires were inserted into both ends of the candy corn and loops were formed after resin was applied and set.  I hope you'll give these resin projects a try so you can wear them to your Halloween parties.  I have plans to make gummy bear jewelry next....if I don't eat all the candy first...LOL!
Tip: Realized that while on the wire the candy corn could be dipped into the resin in the bottle for coverage before hardening under the LED light.  This is a better method than spreading the resin with my finger. I dipped each candy corn twice and hardened the coating after each layer.


yyam said...

These look amazing!

P/s: I've never tried candy corn.

eunice said...

Wow, didn't realize you could use the actual real candy to create these! Can't wait to see your gummy bear charms!!!