Sunday, February 9, 2020

Valentine Resin Hair Accessories

 Looking for something unique to make for your Valentine?  How about creating some heart-shaped resin hair accessories?  These are a cinch to make and will cost you very little.
 This one started with an unfilled metal heart on a stretch elastic band.  (I think I got it from HM BFC resin department).  It was so simple to mix some white resin colorant powder (available at HM Ben Franklin Crafts) with LED resin (also from HM BFC) and pouring the resulting liquid  half way into the heart cavity.  Next, I set the resin with an LED lamp (from HM BFC) and then added the pressed flowers and a layer of clear resin. After this layer was hardened, the one-of-a-kind floral hair decoration was complete.
For a young girl, this piece is very doable.  The heart piece, on a stretch band that already had rainbow colors and sparkles, was purchased from Daiso (only $1.50!) The pretty stickers also came from that wonderland of $1.50 bargains...Daiso!  It is simple enough for a child to make...1) put stickers on 2) cover top surface with LED resin and 3) set under LED lamp with an automatic timer...from HM Ben Franklin Crafts of course!  These hair pieces are so easy to make you can make a bunch to give to all your sweethearts. Use them in place of a ribbon on a small box of jewelry and you'll really make someone smile!

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yyam said...

Gosh! These are so cute! I'm sure my niece would love them!