Thursday, July 16, 2020

Gemstone 'Laugh' and 'Success' Bracelets

These are two more bracelets that I made during the my stay-at-home Covid-19 vacation.  I really love the way they look and feel when worn.  The one on the left includes sterling charms, chain, and clasp. The gemstones are reticulated quartz which means they have tiny needle-like inclusions. The bracelet on the right has sterling charms and gold filled chain with clasp.  The gemstones on this bracelet are a little hard to identify.  I think the large stone is an agate and the smaller ones are moonstone or some kind of quartz with chatoyance.  I don't make jewelry as much as I do paper crafts because it is more time consuming and expensive, but the end product can give pleasure for generations. It's satisfying to think that these bracelets will probably last longer than me (and I probably will survive another 100 + years). LOL!

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