Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Mini Decorated Brownie Cupcakes for the Holidays

 As the holiday season approaches, I've begun thinking about home baked goodies to give as gifts.  I found this wonderful Wilton non-stick heavy duty muffin tin that can bake 24 mini cupcakes at one time. It was sold at HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  This whole tray can accommodate the batter that would normally make one 8x8  pan of brownies.  I used paper liner cups because I think it is easier to eat cupcakes this way.  However, if no liners were used the cupcakes would still come out of the pan easily.  For the decoration on top, I put a crumbled coconut/pumpkin seed snack on eight, M&M candies on the the middle eight, and shelled pistachio nuts on the last third.  This way I can give assorted treat bags to friends.  For Xmas, I'm thinking of putting crushed candy canes on some, white chocolate chips on others and perhaps half a green candied cherry on each of the rest of the brownie cupcakes.  It's amazing how just one purchase can stimulate a whole season of delicious baking.  Brownies are my favorite sweet treat. What's yours? 


yyam said...

Ooooh...looks so yummy! They would make great holiday gifts!

eunice said...

These do look delicious! I admire how organized and efficient you are, planning your holiday goodies with enough time to experiment and perfect!