Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Super Father's Day Card

 I'm still obsessed with the comic book style of cards. This one was easily made with the use of  dies, comic book stamps, and graphic Whimsy paper.  A flaw made applying star stickers necessary, but I think I like it better this happy accidents! ( I was never a super hero comic reader. I gravitated to Archie and Casper comics books LOL! )

 Anyway, I made this Father's Day card for my husband because he really is a SUPER father.  He somehow manages to get everything done despite all the demands for his time over the years.  During this pandemic time at home he has sorted through a ton of junk that has accumulated over nearly 30 years in this house.  Now he is dividing up the children's books and baby items for our grandsons.  This is a big job that only a loving father would tackle.  I remember him reading to our sons and falling asleep before the boys.  He was so tired but determined to be a good father.  Today my sons listen to their Dad's wise advice and want to be just like DAD!  Happy belated Father's Day to all  great dads!


eunice said...

Awww! What a thoughtful and loving dad your hubby is to his sons. And very well deserving of this awesome SUPER card! P.S. that's such a cool background you created for this card!

yyam said...

How fun is this!
Your husband sounds like a lovely man! :)

Annette Allen said...

This card is SUPER cool. you have the sweetest family..