Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wow, the week just flew by and happily I made more progress on the newsletter projects. I’ve completed two more projects, a gemstone chain earring and a reversible ocean-inspired necklace. I hope you’ll make them for yourself or holiday gifts. It’s a challenge to design the projects because I need to incorporate materials from Ben Franklin Crafts, work ahead seasonally, keep a watchful eye on publication deadlines, make the project desirable and yet doable for most crafters, be sure that the project photographs well in color (for the website) and in black and white (for the newsletter) and carefully word the instructions/draw diagrams so they can be followed. It’s amazing how many projects get rejected along the way as I try to present the best craft projects for our craft club members. I have often thought of compiling past projects into a booklet, but craft trends change so quickly and suppliers to the store don’t stock some items anymore. Making a project book would be a gigantic challenge.
Although I could go on and on about what I hope to do, I do need to work on the newsletter because I will be going on a short vacation and the deadline will still be there when I return. Today I am thinking about the approaching New Year (2008!) so I may write about resolutions. Oh, good news! We are a step closer to our online shop of Extra Goodies.

Hooray! Lynn

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