Monday, September 24, 2007

Not much crafting going on here today. I did discover two things. One was a good thing; one was not. First, the good thing…..the Martha Stewart die-cut impressed autumn leaves can be painted with the Lumin Arte Twinkling H2Os to yield beautiful results. It’s nice to be able to decorate like Mother Nature and add sparkling autumnal colors to the leaves, especially because here in Hawaii we really never see the seasonal changes. (See photo. Click on image for larger viewing) Now this is the ‘it’s not a good thing’ part of my day. I was testing the various glues in the Martha Stewart line. I found the glue pen to be excellent. The small ballpoint tip applicator allows for delicate gluing. When working with flocking, I have found that the ballpoint glue pen is perfect for filling in ‘bald spots’ in the design being flocked. I think the pen might be good for tracing over rubberstamped words for glittering or even for handwriting and glittering personal messages. Anyway, when I got to the all-purpose gel glue I had trouble taking off the inner seal. I poked and pried but it wouldn’t come off. The tube of glue is soft, so as I was struggling I was also grabbing the tube tightly. All of a sudden, the glue tube exploded, sending glue all over my craft room. What a mess! I’m still not sure if I cleaned up all the glue because it’s clear and I never found the seal that caused the problem….it’s probably stuck to the ceiling! Perhaps there was never a seal and the glue had just dried over the top. Maybe this experience is a reason to keep my craft area neater…..but it’ll never happen, at least not in this decade. I must finish the newsletter and stop getting distracted by all the fun stuff in my messy (and now gluey) craft room.


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