Saturday, September 8, 2007

Last night I found a 75% off sale for boxed plain thank you cards. They were good quality items, which I felt just needed a little embellishment to improve them. A nearly blank card and envelope for 30-35 cents is a crafter’s dream come true. Today I used Versa Magic Jumbo Java ink and my Stampendous unmounted bird and flower set to print on a pink card that already had the words ‘Thank You’ in brown. After arranging the design on the acrylic block to fit the card size, I printed a test and then several more. Once the ink was dry, I glued on real maroon colored feathers, added Stickle and rhinestones. I am happy with the results but even happier that I have so many more cards to decorate. (See photo. Click on image for larger viewing) I bought lots of boxes and at such I low cost I don’t have to obsess about wasting a few on trial tests of crafting techniques. Next time you see a sale on plain cards buy some because you’ll have fun embellishing them and end up with lots of cards, maybe enough to wrap up and give to someone special.

So watch for bargains in crafting fun….

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