Monday, September 17, 2007

I’m pretty certain the fourth project for the upcoming newsletter will be a beaded ornament. My only concern is that three of the four projects contain beads, so I may still make a change if I come up with another suitable project before the printing deadline.
Oh, I’ve been playing with some dyed fleece and may have a neat project to introduce next year if we can find a good supplier. I think you’re going to love the fleece project! Tomorrow, I think I’ll work on my personal Christmas card. I found a great new stencil of a tree (Dreamweaver stencil). With my Big Shot die cut machine I’m hoping to be able to emboss the stencil design on some watercolor paper and experiment a bit. Did you know that if you can’t find an embossing mat to use with the machine you can substitute a hot glue gun pad? I love playing with the Big Shot so maybe the next Crafty Hands video will demonstrate how I use it. I need to set at least one day a week to do clean up, but crafting is so much more fun…


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