Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Earring Therapy

When most of my crafting for the day involves cleaning up and organizing, I feel I deserve a treat so I make myself a pair of earrings. Making earrings is quick and economical. You only need a few beads and a few minutes. Most of the time I use sterling findings (head pins, ear wires, chains, and 24 gauge wire). The three earrings in the photo are the latest treats to myself. The copper flower earrings are accented with turquoise. The pair with the silver circles is made with blue opal chunks and the abalone earrings have button pearls with blue pebble pearls dangling from chains. Because the earrings are so easy to make and just use a few supplies, it’s easy to make a pair to match any outfit. Somehow making and wearing a new pair of earrings is good for my mental health too. It’s hard to be sad when I have bling-bling swinging on both sides of my head.


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