Thursday, October 4, 2007

Turn Back the Clock

I wish I could turn back the clock to photograph more of my children’s Halloween days. Maybe because it’s only one day in the year, we don’t seem to have many pictures of the boys in costumes. It would have been easier if there were digital cameras and computer photo files back then. As I looked at all the cute Halloween supplies in Ben Franklin Crafts, it occurred to me that I could still make a small album to collate all the past Halloweens. I liked the Making Memories 12x12 Halloween scrapbook papers with the glitter and shiny embossed designs, so I made a mini-matchbook album. The inner pages are plain black linen cardstock and I embellished the cover with a cut-out of a rubber stamped cat (Martha Stewart) that I flocked. (I stamped black ink on black cardstock then sprinkled on Stamp-n-Bond, used the heat gun, and dusted the image with black flock.) If you use black ink on black paper with black flock, no one will notice if there are a few bald spots on the cat. The ribbons (around the cat’s neck and on the bottom flap) were from the Martha Stewart craft line. I plan to use the Martha Stewart double adhesive Halloween stickers and glitter on the inside pages with my photos. Stampendous orange glitter is really ORANGE and they have orange flock too so I probably will use them. I think, if I journal with shiny purple or silver ink, the words will show up dramatically. If you don’t have a powerful stapler, you can use thin paper for pages instead of cardstock. This mini-matchbook album could also be a cute note pad party favor. Anyway, I hope that you will be inspired by my mini-album to collect your Halloween memories. I’ll try to write up a project page soon. Remember, take your pictures now while the kids are still cute, (I mean little).


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