Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Last week I purchased a Spin-n-Bead gadget (Beadalon) and today I had the time to play with it. It took me awhile to get the hang of it, but using the Spin-n-Bead is definitely a fast way to string seed beads. For someone who likes to craft while watching TV, the ability to be able to read the subtitles of the Korean soaps and make multi-strand seed bead necklaces is truly amazing multi-tasking. Most seed and bugle beads have holes large enough to accommodate the fine needle, which comes with the Spin-n-Bead. I found that spinning the wooden bowl fairly fast and just skimming the surface of the beads with the needle worked best for me, even though the instructions said you didn’t have to spin fast. Also, I had to adjust the curve of the needle in the beginning because I could hardly pick up any beads. Playing with the spinner is probably the best way to figure out a method of stringing which will work for you. Stringing the beads with this tool is hypnotic and now I’m trying to think up jewelry designs to incorporate strands of seed beads. I like putting a mix of beads in the bowl because this process of stringing allows for a truly random pattern. Being a seed bead addict, I can’t wait to try more color combinations to see what kinds of strands the Spin-n-Bead creates. I’m so happy that I’m spinning out of control!


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