Sunday, March 22, 2009

Delightful Diet Doughnut Necklace

If you want to stay on your diet, choose your doughnuts from the non-edible variety. Ben Franklin Crafts has a mouthwatering selection of gemstone doughnuts for you to incorporate into your jewelry designs. Pictured here is a necklace that is quickly whipped up from a green gemstone doughnut, cording, a few beads and a metal pendant from Mountain Idea. The closure for the necklace is made from adjustable sliding knots, but you could use a cord fastener with a loop for a clasp and attach a chain to make it adjustable. The Leisure Arts booklet (from BFC) in the photo has many good designs for easy gemstone pendants with an ethnic look.

Thank you Anonymous for your comment. You are right we should apologize for our mistake and we are sending Joan a small gift in the mail. If you know Joan, we are sorry that you were so upset with our blunder. We tried to correct our error as quickly as we discovered it and we assumed that Joan would realize that the description of the 3rd place bag did not match her bag. This is the first online contest we have done and it is difficult to keep all the printouts separate, hence the mistake. Previous contests required that projects be mailed to us which was costly for the contestant but did make it easier to keep the projects with the correct names of the creators. If we ever have another online contest we will check and double check the results before announcing them. The photos of the winning bags should be on the website next week and the prizes will be mailed out next week as well.

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