Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Easter Project

This project was supposed to be posted on the craft website this week but like the winning bag photos there will be a delay. For that reason I've decided to show you the project here and perhaps I can get some help posting the project directions too. I think this Easter project turned out well and would be a sweet way to give someone an Easter basket where the gift (the bracelet) is part of the basket. For a little girl you could make the bracelet from inexpensive plastic beads. A gemstone bracelet would make a spectacular handle for your mom's Easter basket.

Beaded Bracelet Bunny Basket

The inspiration for this project started from the cover picture on the Sizzix French Fry die cutter. In the picture the French Fry box had a beaded handle which would be a great way to present a small gift to a beader. Taking it a step further this project incorporates a completed bracelet into the handle. The Hello Kitty friend, ‘Kathy’ bunny die cutter was used on white felt to add a warm fuzzy texture to this project.

1) 6”x12” yellow cardstock
2) 3”x 4” white felt
3) Two black seed beads
4) Tiny amount of pink wool roving or felt
5) One flower rhinestone
6) Scrap paper (light blue, plaid, matching paper for tag)
7) Two pipe cleaners (yellow, white chenille)
8) Clear drying glue
9) Merikan double stick tape
10) Black stamping ink
11) One beaded bracelet

1) Sizzix French fry box die cutter
2) Sizzix ‘Kathy’ (Hello Kitty’s friend) die cutter
3) 1-3/8”x 2-1/4” scallop-edged rectangle punch
4) Small round hole punch
5) Studio G small Easter clear stamp set
6) Scissors

1) Die cut the box from the cardstock and tape it together.
2) Die cut the bunny from the felt (remove the eyes and nose) and glue it to the box.
3) Die cut the dress and flower from the plaid paper and glue them onto the felt.
4) Die cut the sleeves from the blue paper and glue them onto the bunny.
5) Glue the seed beads into the eye holes.
6) Make a small nose from the pink wool or cut a small piece of felt and glue it in place.
7) Glue the rhinestone to the flower.
8) Cut out the rectangle from scrap paper and stamp it with the words.
9) Glue the tag to the side of the bunny.
10) Punch holes in the box for the handle.
11) Wrap one pipe cleaner around the bracelet to attach it to the other pipe cleaner.
12) Insert the handle ends into the box holes and cut the excess if necessary.

Tip: Besides candy you can fill the box with one giant decorated cookie, an assortment of beads, small handmade note cards, or paper crafting embellishments.

Pink Flower Bead Bracelet

This bracelet was designed for the Bunny Treat Basket project, but it is fashionable enough to give as a gift for any occasion. You may not be able to find the exact beads but it will be easy to purchase similar ones. Although this bracelet is low in cost, it would make a delightful Mother’s day gift especially if it is crafted by the mother or grandmother’s child.

1) !2” flexible beading wire
2) Two crimp beads to fit the wire.
3) ½”French bouillon wire covering (cut in two pieces)
4) One floral silver plated clasp
5) Four 5 or 6 mm pink Swarovski bicones
6) Five 4 mm pink fresh water pearls
7) One 3/8” lt. pink faceted glass heart bead
8) Four 6 mm lt. pink fresh water pearls
9) Two silver plated 10mm leaf beads
10) Two ½” glass flower shaped beads
11) One 5/8” dark pink heart shaped bead
12) Four silver plated bead caps
13) Two lampworked floral beads ½”- 5/8” long

1) bead crimper
2) wire cutter

1) Pass one end of the wire through one crimp bead, ¼” of French wire, the hole in the clasp and then back through the crimp bead.
2) Use the crimping tool to squash the crimp bead.
3) String the beads and caps onto the wire (consult the photo for order) covering the excess wire.
4) When the bracelet reaches the length you want (7 to 7-1/2” is average) string on the crimp bead and French wire cover, then go through the clasp toggle.
5) Pass the wire back through the crimp bead and some of the beads.
6) Pull the wire and then crimp the bead and cut off the excess wire.

1) Make sure that the wire can pass through the smallest bead hole. The wire has has to pass through the end beads twice. (Pearls have very small holes.)
2) The crimp bead size has to match the wire diameter or it will slip. (The crimp bead size needed is usually on the beading wire spool.
3) String smaller beads near the toggle end of the clasp so that they will fit through the clasp.


Luminata said...

Lovely crafting! :)


Cheryl said...

Lynn, that is a very cute french fry box you made with Kathy bunny! Great idea!!!