Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Easter Treat

Do you need a quick edible Easter treat? Try this recipe. Combine one box of Strawberry Chex Cereal with one bag of melted Guittard Chocolate Melt 'n Mold candy. I put the cereal on two parchment lined cookie sheets and mixed it with the chocolate that was melted in the microwave oven. You could fill a pastry bag or ziploc (cut off a corner) with the melted chocolate and squiggle it over the cereal if you wanted to be neater. Lastly, I decorated the mixture with colorful candy dot sprinkles (available now at Ben Franklin Crafts). Once the coated cereal is cool, package it in Easter cellophane bags and tie it with ribbon or fill decorative Easter storage containers (the ones with handles are really cute and they're reusable). This treat can be combined with popcorn if you like the salty sweet kind of snacks.

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Anonymous said...

look so yummy