Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photos of Winning Bags

I was going to have photos of the winning bag entries posted on the BFC website, but our website manager is out for the week. For interested readers I decided to post the photos on my blog and later post them on the craft site. As you can see the bags were really clever and beautiful. The first place fern bag was created by Mary Carvalho, the 2nd place wrap-around ocean scenery bag is the art work of Patricia Kaula, and Valerie Bergstedt's flower bag and owl bag won her third place. Congrats again to all three crafters!

When playing with my new 'toys' I discovered that some of the Martha Stewart punches also emboss. The owl punch is really cute because the rings around the eyes are embossed when you punch out the owl. The floral edge punch that embosses flowers as the edge is cut makes a very professional card from a plain card blank. I didn't like the shape of the MS punches at first because they are a bit unbalanced, but now I realize that the square shape actually makes them easy to arrange upright on a shelf. I'm anxiously waiting for more cupcake punches to arrive at BFC because they were gone by the time I got to the store.

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