Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've always felt that I am a lucky person. Perhaps that is why I love searching antique stores to see what lucky finds appear for me. A few days ago a drive to Honokaa and Waimea meant stopping at two favorite antique shops. Pictured here are a few of the pretty things I purchased. The glass footed dish was only $12 and a great example of elegant glassware from the Depression Era (not a predictor of times to come, I hope). I can't identify the etched flowers but they are beautiful and look like orchids or daffodils. I know that this piece will be sensational at a holiday dinner, maybe Easter. The three gold pieces were also lucky finds. The two lockets are probably from the 1920's or 30's. The heart locket is a nice rosey color and will someday be used on a necklace I plan to make to feature my collection of heart lockets. The round locket amazingly turned out to be 10kt gold and I know that I would normally pay 2 or 3 times what I did. It should make a good charm for a bracelet or necklace. You might wonder why I would buy just one earring. Well, it was priced reasonably and I'm certain that it is a Victorian rose gold piece from the late 1800's. The craftmanship on the earring is superb and I think that it can be fashioned into a focal point of a 'Y' chain necklace.

In my next blog entry I will show you my 'lucky' bracelet that I designed for a March St. Patrick's Day project. Remember: "It's great to be lucky, but hard work always makes you luckier."

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