Saturday, August 20, 2011

Goodies for Halloween and a SMASHing (new?) product

Greetings Ben Franklin Craft shoppers! This past Friday night (my shopping date night) I spied the Halloween items just coming into the Hilo store. I don't even have little ones at home and no one has ever come Trick o' Treating at our scary-looking house, but I still get excited when I see the spooky craft items on display. Maybe because as a kid I was big on Halloween and even designed my own costumes. I finally stopped going trick o' treating when at 12 years old I was mistaken for an adult taking my child door to door LOL! Some Halloween papers and embellishments from Jolee's, K and Co. and Martha Stewart are being put on display at BFC. You really need to go to the store and check them out. Sadly, some of them have already run out. Here is a sample of some products I chose to add to my Halloween stash. My favorite Halloween purchase is the Martha Stewart glow-in-the-dark glitter. I have some fun ideas of what to do with it. While going down the aisles of Ben Franklin Crafts some retro-looking paper crafts caught my eye. Ooooh! They look like office supplies in cool vintage colors and with humorous wording. Ooooh....and a matching album.....gotta get that! The SMASH line is produced by K and Co (who would've guessed?) and is a great departure from their usual bright colored girly products or soft pastel children's line. I think the SMASH products are designed to help crafters capture moments in their lives that are often fleeting thoughts if they aren't jotted down somewhere. I truly love this notebook for journaling/scrapbooking in the stream of conscientiousness style. The vintage, shabby chic-look tabs, tapes, date stamp with funny sayings, pockets, brads, themed paper pads, and stickies are all reasonably priced and totally appropriate for any generation of thought keepers. I plan to use my SMASH journal for collecting all those magazine pages, blogger ideas, etc. that I save and refer to for inspiration. If you are a family with young ones, these products are an excellent way to quickly save together those family recipes, funny kid sayings, photos of goofy relatives, and other memorabilia which otherwise have no place to be stored (and they are too precious to lose!). I'm not sure when these SMASH stuff arrived in Ben Franklin Crafts but there are only a few of each item left so you need to go to the store now and purchase what might be a valuable organizer for your thoughts. Thanks for visiting my blog page today. Sorry if it was a bit long, but I just had to tell you all about my exciting purchases. I hope you enjoyed reading my rambling writing and hope you'll be enticed to stop back again for another peek into my messy craft brain.


Cheryl said...

Hi Lynn,
You found some really great items at the store! Halloween is one of my favorite time of the year. Love the candy part the most! Hope to see some of the projects you make with that Smash line.

Islander Girl said...

What great finds! I LOVE the Smash line! I think I may gotten all the items! I saw they have a mini smash that I so want! LOL! I'm obsessed with it! I need to go to Michaels and see what they have, went yesterday but they were s-l-o-w-l-y putting out the new Martha Halloween Collection so I couldn't really see what they had :(

Shirley N said...

Alrightly, time to start my Halloween to-buy list. TFS your finds at BF Lynn!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lynn, you find all the good stuffs at BFS. I'll go look for it on the shelf in the store. I love the SMASH line and it's on my NEED list, not want. Hee hee. :)

JanJan808Kreate said...

I sooo wanted to get some halloween stuff too but decided to wait on it...but I was able to score on the last pink Smash book...sooo many kute n kreative things from that line...wish BF just carried more of it.

Please share what you make with the glow in the dark glitter from MS...I think I might need to go and buy one now.