Monday, March 4, 2013

Not a Girl's Day Card

I guess this looks like a Girl's Day card, but it actually is one I made to thank someone for a birthday gift.  The Japanese characters say 'arigato' (I think) which is Japanese for 'thank you'.  I just received the Fumi and Yumi rubber stamp in the mail and I just had to ink it up.  It seemed perfect for a thank you card as she is holding a gift tied in a furoshiki cloth.  Rather than piece the background, I used the Kodomo Inc. 12x12 sheet I purchased from Ben Franklin Crafts. ( BTW: You can find a gorgeous real  extra-large furoshiki bag at the Sanki store near the Pearl City Ben Franklin Crafts.)  It's cool how there are sheets with Japanese prints in patchwork arrangements.  Also BFC has for sale  lots of origami square sheets which can be folded into cranes or any other form to add as an embellishment.. Well, that's it for today 'cuz I have a few more thank you cards to make and write. Hope to see you again soon and leave a comment if you have the time. Have a crafty week!


Annette Allen said...

this is the perfect thank you card... I love that little image... just perfect..

Happy Monday

Leanne said...

Hi Lynn!!
This is beautiful!!
I love the mix of papers and designs and Fumi looks lovely. I agree with Annette the perfect Thank you card. Love the bright red crane in the center as well.
Thanks so much for sharing your card. I hope you don't mind if I share your blog post on the Yumi & Fumi blog sometime soon? They would love to see it.
Yumi& Fumi Handmade

hapagirlren said...

Ok, so I'm just a BIT slow in getting around the blog universe LOL! :) How exciting to see your card! It's wonderful! You should definitely come by our blog and join in on some challenges!! <3 <3 <3 We'd love to see more.