Saturday, March 16, 2013

Soapmaking 101

It's been years since I last whipped up a batch of homemade soap.  I used to do it the old fashioned way with lye and fat but that was just too much work and it didn't always yield good results. I have discovered that the melt 'n pour variety of soapmaking is more to my liking.  Last summer I purchased a lavender plant and gave it to someone to raise since my garden does not get cool enough to produce flowers.  It was my hope to use the lavender flowers to make a batch of soap for the both of us. Alas, there were no flowers. Undaunted, I found a bottle of lavender flowers in Target's spice area. (Lavender flowers are edible and used in many recipes.)  Anyway, the recipe for this soap is simple:

1) In a microwave on high, melt 8 one inch cubes of olive oil soap base in a Pyrex measuring cup for 1 minute.
2)  Stirring with a chopstick, add in several drops of purple colorant and 5-10 drops of essential lavender oil.
3)  Pour the soap mixture into an oiled mold ( I used the inside plastic box from a 3-pack package of nori).
4)  Sprinkle about 1 tablespoon of lavender flowers onto the top of the still-soft soap bar and stir them in slightly.
5) Allow the soap to cool completely before trying to unmold it.

Making soap is something I haven't done in a long time and I realized again how rewarding it is to craft it myself.  If you are looking for a great handmade Easter or Mother's Day gift, homemade soap might be your solution. You may be able to find some of the supplies and books for soapmaking at Ben Franklin Crafts, but if not try looking online (perhaps Amazon or Etsy).  Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog post.  I hope it gave you something to think about and encourages you to craft something fun.


Have A Scrap Happy Day said...

Awesome soap Lynn. Bet it has a very nice fragrance.

Annette Allen said...

oh that is so cool and they came out so pretty.. thanks for the fun tips.. I bet it smells pretty

Creations by Shirl said...

This is just so interesting... Never made my own soap.... TFS - love lavendar scents too.....

Tammi said...

So neat to make your own soap! To bad about the lavender plant, it's grown a lot here and I even have some plants. I'll try and remember to send you some after they bloom! It's a bit strong for me, can't be around it to much or it gives me a headache, smells good though. :) ~hugs

scrapnhawaii said...

Your post reminds me that I still have a soap kit in the closet which needs to be taken out and used!! I can't wait to make my own soon!! Love your's, esp. the pretty purple color! Thank you for the inspiration, Lynn. (thank you also for stopping by on my blog, I appreciate your comments!!!) :o)