Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas and theTen-Minute Xmas Table Decoration


It's Christmas!  I decided to leave you with one last quickie craft as a Xmas gift.  I simply pulled a wooden log slice, bear ornament and a package of miniature trees off the shelves of HM Ben Franklin Crafts.  Then with a hot glue gun I affixed the bear and tree to the base and voila instant table decoration.  The stores have several ornaments which would work and you could make several for your holiday table.  By leaving the ornament screw eye in place, a name tag or message could be tied on.  Since this idea is probably too late for this year, I think the after Xmas sales at BFC would be a good time to get the parts for next year's holiday table. (This decoration idea was inspired by a craft shown on the Ideas and Inspiration BFC blog site....a toy car was used instead of a bear.)  I like the natural wood base but maybe next year I will add some glitter so it looks like it's snowing.  Anyway, I hope all of you will enjoy a bountiful and safe Christmas. Thank you for being my blogland friends; I've enjoyed sharing my holiday crafts with you.

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